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  1. luclinjunkie

    Funny - Tell me you’re and old gamer without saying you’re an old gamer.

    A cyclops once attacked me on the boat and killed me :( I was just trying to bring my elf to Freeport.
  2. luclinjunkie

    News - EverQuest 2022 RoadMap

    I agree. I feel like that additional punch item is a 'shots fired' approach. At some point I'd like rather see a "come to the table" response from DPG where we can find common grounds and more yay/nays on what MQ items are allowed. If this means more penalties for AFK play, that's not about me...
  3. luclinjunkie

    News - EverQuest 2022 RoadMap

    I’m interested to see the anti-cheat changes. I’d not play EQ without the quality of life offerings from MQ. So, can’t wait to see what they are offering before I make a few decisions.
  4. luclinjunkie

    Patch - Jan 19, 2021 Live patch notes

    Curious what do you do with the journeyman’s compass does it have any purpose?
  5. luclinjunkie

    IRL - The Great consolidation 2022 (Microsoft buys Activision/Bliz)

    That's a huge transaction. I can only imagine the long term strategy here - I wonder what options they'll have given Blizzard already has that 'game hub' type launcher and some solid infrastructure around their servers. It's almost like they've aquired a mini Steam, let alone the other tech and...
  6. luclinjunkie

    Games - Free Diablo 2 Ressurected Gear (Game info listed). All items I had have been dropped.

    Hey guys, clearing out some mules on D2R would anyone be interested in some of my gear I'll never use? It's not high end but I do have some Tal Rasha, Immortal Kings, Oculus, other uniques, etc items that I'll never use? Edit: Change in approach. Made a game called Luclin1/1 on Americas going...
  7. luclinjunkie

    Question - Monk Question

    Back in my day *shakes cane in air* I used to run around dropping copper on the ground when people in the group refused to turn /split off. I even asked for no coin myself and instead I'd take a few gems and put them in my Large Soiled Bag that I got camping LDC's (Guano Harvester) in SolB.
  8. luclinjunkie

    IRL - Necro or SK for molo group game

    I honestly like my SK more than my Necro. It's easier to just run up and facepull / clobber a mob than waiting on your pet to manage your business. Just my two copper in the bucket. I do think necro has some cool spells and their overall theme as a character (General of undead armies) is...
  9. luclinjunkie

    IRL - How I feel playing on TLP servers

    :( dang the truth strikes hard
  10. luclinjunkie

    Question - What to watch while playing EQ?

    Newish shows I didn't see mentioned that I think are worth the watch: Last Kingdom Carnival Row Narcos iZombie animated, but both my kid and I love Trollhunters (and the expanded collection) I watch a lot of reruns...my go to shows are: Battlestar Galactica Chuck Boston Legal
  11. luclinjunkie

    Discussion - I hate raiding...

    I'm not a consistent raider. I have always had trouble keeping engaged and happy whilst raiding. Wife is a clinician and works a rough schedule. Have a demanding kiddo that loves to read books to me and we play Roblox together. I do enjoy seeing the content a few times...these raids are...
  12. luclinjunkie

    Stupid - WTF 20 Krono??!!

    Happy Holidays thanks and good luck everyone ^_~.
  13. luclinjunkie

    Discussion - Terror of Luclin thoughts...

    What I liked about Luclin was it offered transportation options w/ the Nexus. It offered a lot of new content for every level range. You could honestly 'abandon' the old world and just level through in Luclin. It had better graphics / models. Vah Shir looked super cool for the era. I could be...
  14. luclinjunkie

    IRL - Very sad days (Anne Rice)

    My mom's upset, she went to grammar school w/ Anne.
  15. luclinjunkie

    Discussion - What’s New with this Expac?

    It's not even good ice imo. I liked the ice more back in classic / Scars of Vel. And the foot stompy sound in snow. And the whistling snow sound effect. And the reduced visibility. Etc.
  16. luclinjunkie

    News - Patch / XPac / ToL / Downtime Dec 7 2021

    Very fair, deployment in production + no significant, related issues still outstanding.
  17. luclinjunkie

    News - Patch / XPac / ToL / Downtime Dec 7 2021

    Cheers to hoping there's a fast XP route that we can all take prior to nerferino. Like ToV missions.