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    IRL - MacroQuest release party!

    64 days. I bit per day.
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    Toast - Hi everyone, us oldies come back!

    I would do RG Mercs for the earlier levels unless you have lots of time to keep your KA inis up to date. I would also look to level where you can make pp for spells unless you spring for a krono. I spring for a krono when I came back. Being broke is no fun. Welcome back and have fun.
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    Tech - Too much memory usage on new laptop

    Don't forget about the bloatware.
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    Question - Do you guys have a ‘main’ for the most part?

    To me it makes sense to main my SK. Give them the best drops, keep them subbed, did the trade skill stuff and obtained artisan prize, progression,... A weak tank is a weak group.
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    Stupid - WTF 20 Krono??!!

    Congratulations to the winners.
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    Question - What out of game element triggers you to think about everquest or reminds you in your day to day life.

    I'm happy when I get a parking spot. Parking in the grass on the side of the road is the norm here.
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    Discussion - Paladin or Shadow knight

    You're good with any of the three. I like pets both in game and IRL so I chose SK. Now only if I could get a skeletal cat as a pet. Skeletal iksar?
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    News - Windows11

    My PC recently died and I just built a new one. I don't have a win 11 code so I had to install win 10 and then "upgrade" to win 11. The CSM and UEFI part was a PITA for sure. I had to do the conversion through an elevated command line and then change the bios. Seems obvious now but wasn't at the...
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    Tip - Never eat your stat food

    Too bad there isn't a food bandolier button where you could easily swap positions of stat food and drink and turn off or on mq2feedme for when you are in pok poor or somewhere else you aren't fighting.
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    Stupid - WTF 20 Krono??!!

    Free is my favorite price.
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    Question - Best place to farm Medicinal Herbs?

    I was going to say Colorado.
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    Question - Was this a GM saying hello?

    Think of it like speeding. At any time you can get a ticket. If you are not the worst offender you'll often be OK but there are always exceptions. If you drive around like you stole your car you'll get get nailed for sure at some point. We are all speeding at all times when using MQ2.
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    Problem - Shaman epic 1.5 : i cannot even start it !

    Second floor Jade Tavern. Hail and say I am a shaman.
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    Question - Sk Sham Cleric Ench + +??

    I agree. Sometimes taking longer longer to kill things is harder than having less healing and killing faster.
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    Question - 3box for dodh expac? In era Opinions?

    I didn't see 3 box lol. SK, NEC, CLR then.
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    Question - 3box for dodh expac? In era Opinions?

    SK, CLR, ENC, MAG, WIZ, NEC or something like that is what I would do. With your NEC you'll probably want to go a caster route.
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    News - Terror of Luclin Launch Date Announced

    I agree get both. Sometimes one is better than the other.