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  1. RangerDanger13

    Question - Which Classes to round out new TOL six box FTP team

    I am thinking of upgrading five of my current FTP character accounts to the TOL expansion so I can have an additional farm team/guildee leveling crew and to augment the 7 subbed accounts I have and use as a 12-man raid (mowing progression quests down etc.). Current 7 subbed accounts are War...
  2. RangerDanger13

    Question - War, Bst, Mag Epics worth doing for clicky?

    For those that have done them, are the Warrior, Beastlord and Magician Epic 2.0 clickies worth doing? I just finished up the other three toons 2.0s in my main group and wanted to know if these three are worth the added effort. Burned out a little on epics but don't want to miss out if viable...
  3. RangerDanger13

    Question - Melee group sixth man option poll out of three possible choices

    I have a SK, Shaman, Bard, Zerk, Zerk as a start, on my sixth account I have a Beastlord, Rogue and Ranger. What would you suggest I go with out of those three for the sixth slot? I was thinking Beastlord, but I am interested in everyone's opinion on which they would pick and why. I appreciate...
  4. RangerDanger13

    Toast - Thank you Redbot!

    Just arrived as I was doing yard work! Will definitely play this weekend! Love this community!
  5. RangerDanger13

    Question - Best place to start

    I am looking for a player assist macro or plugin that allows the player to move and target as needed but will auto run a dps rotation (that can be set by the player) once combat is started so that all positioning and target changes can be made manually by the player as necessary without being...
  6. RangerDanger13

    Question - Holiday 2020 cocktails

    Interested in hearing some fun holiday drinks you all enjoy to try this holiday season. Here is one I toss together, enjoy. Texas Shit kicker aka Reindeer Diarrhea Not for the kiddies. Delicious and very addictive. No mixers, all liquors poured to taste (shot of each works...cheers!) amaretto...
  7. RangerDanger13

    Question - New FTP team, slot five and six advice

    I would like to make a new FTP team with three rogues to get a fellowship fire anywhere but I am newer to the FTP team building (capability with non-prestige gear/limitations) and welcome suggestions to round it out. If I did a Warrior, Rogue x 3, would a Bard and Shaman be best to round it out...
  8. RangerDanger13

    Question - RGMERCS StickHow Hotbutton Creation

    I am trying to create some hot-buttons to toggle some setups in RGMercs. For example toggling between Melee and Bowing with a Ranger (for when I switch between open areas or tight quarters fighting) without having to bring up the ini and changing it. Examples (using or to show what I'd use for...
  9. RangerDanger13

    Question - Beastlord weapon choice question

    Not sure it makes much difference anymore but anyone playing 115 level beastlord have recommendations on weapon choices? Looking at infused velium options, but unsure if there is an advantage with what is picked for the class. (type, 1hvs2h, proc etc.)
  10. RangerDanger13

    Question - Recommendations for sixth group position on two different group make-ups.

    First question, I have a group with a War, Cleric, Bard, Beast, Ranger... curious what the sixth spot should be out of my options of a Monk or Mage? I currently War pull with this group. Second question, with the same five in the group above if you were free to pick any option for the sixth...
  11. RangerDanger13

    Question - EQBC Command line question

    Anyone have a line, or know the command to get an account you send a command to (be it bct or bcaa), to target themselves? Basically if all of my characters have the ring of the ancients shrink ring, I am trying to get my first line to target themselves and the next line to cast the ring. I...
  12. RangerDanger13

    Question - IHC Question

    I currently use five characters on IHC and one on Mq2War (puller/tank) and would like to know if there is any way to setup the IHC accounts to where if the puller dies and a mob wanders into camp they just don't sit there and get killed? I have my camp running while I work from home and usually...
  13. RangerDanger13

    Discussion - Ranger Support Group Make-up

    My Ranger is my main, I can pull or not with him pending group setup, but my question to the forums is if you were to build a group around a ranger, what would you use for classes and why? Currently I have a War, Cleric, Enc, Monk, Mage, as those are what I have maxed on other accounts, but I...