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    Stupid - Girlscout cookies

    Troll Shaped????? omg i would buy them if they were troll shaped. I'd also buy some Gnome Flavored cookies... /bite
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    News - EverQuest 2022 RoadMap

    Wizards still have issues with consistency that you don't get with a Zerk/Rog. After parsing 1000 fights the order of DPS hasn't changed from COV. ie Zerk/Rog/Wiz/Mag - but at least on some fights, when all the stars aligned, the Wizard seems to pop their head to the top of the Parse.
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    Patch - Jan 19, 2021 Live patch notes

    If you use ISBOXER for Virtual eqclient.ini then some manual changes will be required.
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    IRL - MacroQuest release party!

    soo WHEN is the release Party? We havent done a Best of 2021 MAcro/Plugin event yet. Perhaps we could combine the MQ release party with the award ceremony. Free Troll Shaped Cookies to all!
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    Patch - Jan 11, 2021 Test patch notes

    This may be a bit of a trap if using ISBOXER virtual eqclient.ini files. It does seem like they have done a heap of changes. All sounds good.
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    IRL - RedGuids MQ2 on multiple computers

    If you want to launch toons remotely you can use ISBOXER. The multiple computer wizard is really great and basically will allow you to launch from any IP address/port. As long as the Firewall is open. The sky is the limit... If you drive from One toon on one PC - you can launch it on a...
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    Discussion - Paladin or Shadow knight

    Troll SK all the way! None of this Lizard shit..or even worse Gnome Fakery. I have 2 Pallies mostly for the ability to SPLASH. I have 4 Warriors- because when raiding u find out what is really meant by Tanking.... I have 2 SK - because that is the Class that I love.
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    Question - What the point of quests and achievements ?

    I agree totally - Its hardly worth doing the Partisan/Mercenary quests at all. This expansion is no different to the last 2 or 3 or 4 - not sure when they stopped having to actually do progression before you could get the Group Mission - its all geared for the lazy gamer. In fact the way...
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    Question - Wizard DPS

    I have been getting some good numbers with 120 Wizards. Cant get the good numbers consistently though - with 4 wizards in Raid, 1 will do freaky 1.2Mil DPS and another one with the same ini is doing 400 still work to be done - but I am hopeful the Wizard will start to be as great as we all...
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    Question - What out of game element triggers you to think about everquest or reminds you in your day to day life.

    I was driving to work the other day thinking about self driving cars. I thought all this car needs is a Mesh of the route I take every single day - and mq2nav. Easy peasy - why does Tesla have so many problems?
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    Discussion - What is your go to class?

    My main group for a long long time was SK, SK, CLR, ENC, MAG, SHM. And while the dps wasnt as good as other combo's I could tank stuff for hours. The introduction of the Alliance spells really made it awesome - With the right tools (Bi-fold Focus, Gift of the quick spear) you can trigger the...
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    Toast - NON-MQ2 5 boxing

    Great Video. It does show ISBOXER is such a great tool. It also showed that there is hope for people who dont have a super dps team. I dont miss this though - the rabbit hole is so much deeper with Redguides and MQ
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    Question - Where is a good place to grind from 110 to 115

    Make sure you do the TOV missions during the grind from 110-115. On a few of my toons, I waited until my toons were 115 going into 116 and the XP reward was greatly diminished.
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    Question - What to watch while playing EQ?

    Finished Wheel of Time, and the Witcher last night. Both very good. Havent watched Expanse'yet - but ive heard great things. Will give it a look. BTW New Spiderman was worth taking a break from EQ and going to the Cinema. For Xmas I was given a copy of the First Witcher Novel. Will try...
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    IRL - Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays 2021 everyone!

    Merry Xmas Everyone. Too Many to count. I should add it to my Destroy list!
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    Question - I realize this is an ELI5 situation, but... How do I use EQ Full Screen Window?

    I have also only found ISBOXER to be able to deliver the functions you need. ISBOXER is a paid third party software. But they do have a version called WinEQ which you dont have to purchase.
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    Discussion - Post your IRL Setup

    You know you have too many toons when you need to do a Panorama to try and fit them all.
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    Question - 4 Box looking to go 6 Box

    The CWTN plugins will really make your boxing life easier, and will scale as you level. If you haven't learned the class - then they are the best way to get running at 100% straight out of the box. You could get a heroic SK and SHM and incorprate them straight into your existing group in minutes.
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    Question - 4 Box looking to go 6 Box

    This is an intersting group makup. Are you normally Tanking with Mage Pet? You might find it really awesome to stick with Casters and add another Mage, Necro or Wiz. If you didnt have an attachment to the Brd, Id drop Brd for a ENC in a caster group. So you would end up with...
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    IRL - I am enjoying myself.

    Lots of Mouths to feed...If your running your 6 man group and think wow I need to farm 100 Ores......imagine how the spreadsheet looks when you have over 1000 to get everyone equipped. But then look on the good side..you get all the Phat Lewt to keep for yourself.