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  1. Sinickal

    Plugin - MQ2DPSAdv

    With you @hytiek and the other RGs folks, I'm never alone:) Hugs.
  2. Sinickal

    Plugin - MQ2DPSAdv

    Just noticed my DPS Advanced v1.6 noticed has a non-party PC getting damage readout! I checked where they are and that PC is 1950 units away! So can't figure why he's on my DPS output screen! Just freaked me out a little having another PC show up!!!! Any thoughts/comments please?
  3. Sinickal

    Plugin - MQ2Nav Release Thread

    Confirming /nav spawn <name> works a treat! Thank you SO much @brainiac and @ASmith50
  4. Sinickal

    Plugin - MQ2Nav Release Thread

    I love using Find and Nav to get to NPCs and other destinations. Just wondering if it is possible to navigate to Sellers in the Bazaar? (I just find that frustrating)
  5. Sinickal

    Discussion - When did the addiction begin for you?

    I was living in the US for work with young family. Kunark was current with Velious just coming. I remember my first character getting lost in a forest with all these eyes from level 3-5 mobs glaring back and thinking Woot! Remember someone telling me to turn my gamma up and making some of the...
  6. Sinickal

    Toast - Happy Turkeyday everyone! (yes, a day early)

    Very Happy Thanks Giving to one and all :)
  7. Sinickal

    IRL - So, what’s your porn star name?

    https://fb.watch/9us-h4uqNb/ Comedy series on BBC called The Outlaws, they are asking the cast what their porn star names would be as an ice breaker, based on the name of your first pet and the street you were born on.. To kick this off, for a Thanksgiving laugh 😆 at us Brits, I would be...
  8. Sinickal

    IRL - Ninja Bonus XP?!

    Happy Thanks Giving to all you US people :) From us tea taxers ;)
  9. Sinickal

    Question - I feel silly asking, but...to run GMM The Darkness Howls

    So.... @Redmonkey , I was actually trying to start using MQ2Grind by senior @hytiek to get some AA on my tank mainly and then to help PL a few additional toons. Trying to choose between the first two instances; GMM The Darkness Howls and the one in FM (where the gobbies spin-stun!), and sort of...
  10. Sinickal

    Question - I feel silly asking, but...to run GMM The Darkness Howls

    Right'o ser @wymranar and jolly good xp her in th' Frontier wot ho!
  11. Sinickal

    Question - I feel silly asking, but...to run GMM The Darkness Howls

    Thank you guys. @Sic I think my basic problem is dps. I have a 115 Pally and 110 SK and was trying to use both as they are probably my best dps, but then I had not considered @hammackj input regarding instance scaling! I was throwing in a Pally/Dru at 115, thinking they would plough through the...
  12. Sinickal

    Question - I feel silly asking, but...to run GMM The Darkness Howls

    I probably know the answer, just looking for confirmation and comfort. I’m running with a very odd team make up right now, just down to circumstance. My best toons are Pally and Dru 115, Sk and Cleric 110, all these with granted AA and half decent kit. then a mix bunch of characters I’m...
  13. Sinickal

    Plugin - MQItemColor

    Just learning about MQItemColor plugin, was looking to see if I could load it using the PluginManager v1908 but could not see it on the list. Does this have something to do with it being called MQ with no no. 2?
  14. Sinickal

    Question - How long to wait?

    @Kneegan , just a suggestion to get you going, try RGMercs. It will configure INIs for toons quickly and get you up and running. Then you can learn about INI settings, inter-toon communication etc.
  15. Sinickal

    Problem - Distribution of Loot; Armour pieces to right group member?!

    Do you EVER sleep @Sic !!!! OK, I'll go take a look this evening, just finishing lunch break atm:)
  16. Sinickal

    Problem - Distribution of Loot; Armour pieces to right group member?!

    I was trying to figure this out for myself, but struggling, so though I would ask this excellent community :) My group are of a level (90-98) where I need to start gearing up (properly.) I'm currently in FM and about to start taking on named for the Amorphous Cohort's Armor pieces. My...
  17. Sinickal

    Software MacroQuest Migrator

    Novice user here, and Next Migrator works an absolute treat! Only note I had was a "novice user" one, I watched the video for the conversion and actually missed that we need to Install Next using the VV Next installer into the default, or user set directory, and THEN run the Next Migration tool...
  18. Sinickal

    Patch - Oct 21 (and now Oct 22) - New eqgame.exe + hotfix notes

    :) The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42 - according to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy