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  1. jb321

    ToonShop - Hold your horses edition!

    -- 1.5b - Hold your horses edition -- added: delays between queries -- added: ToonLib.lua for functions -- changed: overlay resume to overlay reload
  2. jb321

    ToonShop - who just showed up, oh it is nil, let's fix that..

    -- 1.4b -- added: periodic nil peer-checking and plugin reload so the new peer won't be nil -- changed: directory structure now resource files are in ToonSuite directory included, you can delete the ToonShop directory
  3. jb321

    Question - MQAnon self inflicted or something else

    this is what it looks like for me but still getting asterisked enabled: true fellowship: class group: class guild: class raid: class self: class being on the same pc same server multi-windows probably doesn't help.. I will try custom on them
  4. jb321

    ToonShop - The should really work for everyone less spammy edition

    changelog - 1.3b -- added condition checks for fullnames on or off and character remote servers -- added search yourself to show up in results for queried items -- added toggle local off and on for spam reduction
  5. jb321

    ToonShop - Works for me edition

    Changelog -- 1.2b -- fixed was using zek_tacoman to determine how to proceed instead of tacoman -- fixed was using zek_tacoman to determine to not query ourself
  6. jb321

    Question - MQAnon self inflicted or something else

    I want all my characters to show up as MNK 99 but some of them show up as m*****s and I do not know why the yaml doesn't have anything set to asterisk.. I have unaliased and dropped and saved and loaded mqanon to no avail.
  7. jb321

    Question - MQAnon self inflicted or something else

    Having issue with mqanon.. when I turn it on most everyone is fine using mqanon all class .. but there are some that when I drop and unalias still show up as f*****z.. I wiped the yaml to no avail ....
  8. jb321

    RunMe 1.0b

    Have your group navigate to you and stop at random positions near you.. (15-20) can be used with bccmd or DanNet /dggexecute /lua run runme "${Me.MQLoc}" /bcg //lua run runme "${Me.MQLoc}" Best used as a hot button or mybuttons but you can do with it as you please
  9. jb321

    ToonShop - Now with partial searches

    You can now type in water f or planar e in the search box and it will only show those items, as opposed to typing water and getting all things named water
  10. jb321

    ToonShop 1.5b

    Type in the name of the tradeskill item you want and the quantity and hit request, if they are in zone and on your server they will come running if they have it their current inventory and give it to you baby just like Rick James.. requires the full name of the item Treat your other characters...
  11. jb321

    Discussion - Farming Cobalt Ore

  12. jb321

    Lua - DanNet Helpers

    and there it is print (mq.TLO.DanNet.Peers(2)())
  13. jb321

    Lua - DanNet Helpers

    I am sure there is a better way.. but I know not local function return_string(str, int) local counter = 0 for word in string.gmatch(str, '([^,]+)') do counter = counter + 1 if counter == int then return word end end end local peer_name = mq.TLO.DanNet.Peers()...
  14. jb321

    Toondump - No more dups!

    was duping because I didn't do an else... so if you had pack patterns in the bank and in inventory it would double up.. no longer!
  15. jb321

    ToonHas 1.0b

    This is to be used in conjunction with toondump, once you have dumped a bunch of toon inventories then you can do a quick "search" using this utility.. it will display and write a file called toon_items.csv in the MQnext root dir csv contents
  16. jb321

    Toondump 1.1b

    Have you ever wondered what does your shaman/cleric or whoever has and you don't want to write down everything they have.. wouldn't it be nice to just have a spreadsheet to reference what tradeskill items they have? currently this writes to the MQNext root dir.. for now... File: toon_dump.csv...
  17. jb321

    Utility buy.lua - minor changes 0.2b

    Fixed: Will now uncheck usable items so you can buy stuff better.. (class specific items,etc...) Added: If you somehow go try to buy stuff and you don't have enough to even buy it to begin with it will now exit without just sitting there.. forever... (I.e. the buy button is greyed out when...
  18. jb321

    Utility buy.lua 0.2b

    add-on buy routine to be used for LUA.. it is a required file for your main routine, Should behave very close to the original buy.inc but with a twist.. if you only need 7 of something it will move the slider to that number, but will also buy in increments of 100. Issues: no known at this time.