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    Fabulous - Rizlona > Aradune. The overflow server outpaces the original.

    I've played on Phinny, Agnarr, Selo, and now Rizlona. Rizlona is by far the most chill TLP. Rolling 12 and loving it.
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    Discussion - Mischief TLP

    I Truebox'd 6 chars using 5 cheap laptops I found online and usb numpads. Thats 11-13 or so hotkeys that are easy and quick to hit for each char. Its vastly superior to just alt tabbing and close to ISBoxer performance/better in some regards. As soon as I rolled on Rizlona I sold the laptops for...
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    News - Dreamweaver

    True story, I maybe have relied on Dreamweaver posting news and announcements in the official EQ discord to know patch day so much I tried to login with mq2 this morning and wasn't sure why it wasn't working at first. Miss him already :(
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    Question - Can you block being shrunk?

    I use MQ2Autosize to handle it for me. I'll shrink for other people then just autosize sizeself 5 so I'm large only for myself.
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    Question - Cheating on EQ(with another game)

    EQ held me like no other game. It took a combination of Gates of Discord being terrible at the time and World of Warcraft being sooo much better to tear me away. WoW kept my attention for a long time, but not as strongly as EQ. I'd drift when content was on deep farm unlike EQ. I've tried most...
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    Funny - Worst possible group composition?

    PAL PAL DRU DRU CLR CLR. You'll never die at least.
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    Games - Deep Rock Galactic - Anyone?

    ROCK AND STONE! It's a lot of fun. I don't play it much anymore, though.
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    News - New TLP - Rules for Rizlona and Aradune

    That is as clear as we will ever get.
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    News - AMA Thread up on OF

    Ask Me Anything
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    News - EQ Forums error

    Same. Firefox and Chrome.
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    Contest April Contest: 21 Years of Everquest, Whats your favourite memory?

    So many great memories. A stand out is very early in the game. I had like a level 20 max and was talking to my cousin on the phone about making some new characters to play together at times. He tells me about Kelethin being high in the trees and to be careful to not fall off. I thought that was...
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    News - Celebrating 21 years of camaraderie and adventure!

    The problem is if they disallow MQ2 is there are other options. At least with VV there won't be a lot of people using active hacks such as warping. I think it would be a mistake to single out MQ2 without a real answer to the other programs.