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    Request - Mass universal mounting

    stick a /noparse at the beginning otherwise you'll tell everyone to use what mount you have in your first slot
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    Plugin - MQ2Boxr

    Can also use the /dosocial command. Doesn’t need to be on a hot bar, and each toon can have it personalized but use the same social name to make it easy to fire everyone up at once.
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    Plugin - MQ2HUD

    I have this in my HUD: InvisStatus=3,140,112,0,255,255,${If[${Me.Invis},(Invis),]}
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    Discussion - Boxing on Two computers

    It works just fine as long as everyone connects to the same EQBC server. Just be aware that some macros/plugins need special attention to work across computers for buffs and heals. For example, the CWTN plugins are designed to handle buffs on a single computer.
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    TLP 60 Enchanter

    [General] KissAssistVer=11.005 [SpellSet] LoadSpellSet=2 [Buffs] BuffsOn=1 BuffsSize=11 Buffs1=!Clarity II|caster Buffs2=Gift of Pure Thought|caster Buffs3=Shield of the Magi Buffs4=Visions of Grandeur|melee Buffs5=Group Resist Magic Buffs6=Enlightenment|caster Buffs7=Overwhelming Splendor|me...
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    Question - Pulling file

    This will depend on what macro or plugin you are using. Can you provide more information on your setup and what you are using?
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    Question - Using VV & KA, progress from Group to Raids

    First thing is to get multiple groups working together, then you can work on optimizing group makeup. Look in your ini file, under the heals section, there are settings for doing extended target heals. This will work if you are in or out of a raid. Simplest configuration is to configure a...
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    Question - macro creation help

    Take a peek at this: https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/buffgrouponespell-mac-buff-your-whole-group-with-one-spell-with-option-to-overwrite.1713/ And then build out the logic to change groups.
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    News - Servers down

    take 2: Ops and Engineering are in the process of performing checks on servers, servers are coming up and will remain locked during this time frame. Current ETA to unlock 1 hour.
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    Question - Pet Weapons

    if mage is running KA can send a tell saying "pettoysplz petname" and the mage will equip the pet with what they have configured. I use this hotkey: /bct mage //pettoysplz ${Me.Pet.CleanName}
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    Problem - Camp to Char select

    Unload the plugin. If completely out of the game, can edit the macroquest.ini file to set mq2autologin to 0.
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    Question - OK..Took the plung..UHHH..Whaaa??? Sic...You're Sick..I LOVE IT!!!

    Just load the plugin, no need to run the launcher option to run a separate server.
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    Question - Pet Toys KA?

    at some point the pet will give it back because it doesn't need it, look for a chat message from your pet.
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    Plugin - MQ2AdvPath

    left click for you, right click for the group.
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    Problem - Servers crashing

    Servers back up. Corpses all over the place again.
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    Patch - Server Downtime: Tuesday, May 19th @ 10:00 AM

    Looks like the servers are back up. For now.
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    Contest May '20 Contest: What's your 6-box crew for the original Norrath?

    I’d stick to all the same race to have the same starting city. I remember the low level transportation challenges of classic. Gnome or Dark Elf depending on mood at character creation. Warrior, cleric, enchanter because the Holy Trinity remains valid. Wizard for transportation, Mage for off...