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Trade / Skill Tradeskill Construction Set |Quests:GOD,TSS,POK,POR Freebie Assister 3.73b

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Other Authors
earykee, Rooster, Shinnoir, V1ndi, ArmySolider, Vsab, Cannonballdex, Big Dorf, Saar
Software Requirements
Server Type
Live, Test Server

2020 ESA Winner
WARNING: Please test 3.73b and report issues.


TSC.mac levels your tradeskills fully automated to 50+
TSC.mac will do tradeskills quests in Abyssmal Sea to get your toon fully automated to 50+ Skill or to get recipes in smithing, brewing, jewelry, tailor, pottery, fletching, baking, alchemy, poison, tinkering.

TSC.mac will do tradeskills quests for beginners in Crescent Reach to get your toon fully automated to 50+ Skill and recipes in smithing, brewing, jewelry, tailoring, pottery, fletching, baking, alchemy, poison, research, tinkering.

TSC.mac does:
  • all traveling (even uses elevators)
  • all quest dialogues
  • gets all necessary materials for CR and Abysmal quests
  • crafts the items
  • hands them in

TSC.mac does the Beginner Trophy Quests in West Freeport
TSC.mac does the trophy quests, with very little materials that you have to do or provide yourself (see instructions).
It will buy vendor-buyable materials. Foraged or dropped items have to be provided by you.
If it has all materials it will craft the items.
TSC.mac will resume quests: Only turned in a ham sandwich no problem, it won't make it again. It will just pick up where it left off and continue.
If you want it to, it will also hand them in.

TSC.mac makes Alliance tradeskill quest recipes for you
Alliance Artisan Coldain Quest (no turn ins yet)
It will the craft recipes in its .ini file

TSC.mac helps you to skill up your tradeskills
TSC.mac will do recipes for the Tradeskill Alliance quests until they become trivial. Then will do the next recipe until it becomes trivial.
Will make items, do skill ups, destroy upon making item if you choose, auto-swap trophies while skilling up, list your recipe short or full

TSC.mac checks it
It will interact with vendor, get supplies, do combines, turn-ins, destroy items if salvage caught them and finish the quest, initially checks to see if you have a few slots open for TS containers, gets necessary TS containers ...

It checks to see if you are the right race, class, and level to do Alchemy, Poison, Tinkering

Please see instruction and command sections.

ProgTDS - Give Items/Walk To NPC - ShinNoir
ToVRun - Run to Zones - Earykee
Tradeskill - Rooster
DeleteItem - v1ndi
Tradeskill UI - ArmySolider - defunct routine
Seal Of Approval|GotoAndHail - VSAB
Heroism|CheckTask - eqmule
Quest Journal - Big Dorf
CraggyIsland for tradeskill.ini files for beginner trophies.
License Name
First release
Last update
4.83 star(s) 12 ratings

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Latest reviews

although it's crazy talk, a part of me believes MQ was created to automate the GoD freebie quests. and this macro takes one of my most hated tasks and makes it its bitch. oh, it also does the cr freebies. and gets your trophy quests. and will hold your hands making your trophies. and will turn your trophy parts in 'cause, why not? but wait, there's more ... really impressive macro.
Used Brewing, Pottery and, worked pefectly, but TAILORING dont worked for me.
Collected all items on requiered list but, not worked. List needs be revised... I think , in the list (the one u see on the web) it will be necessary to add some things Cat pelt... an other smithing ... but im not sure.
Just revise it if u want it works 100%.
Anyway thanks for your great macro.
My only complaint is that I didn't find this sooner. I was literally looking for trophy quest macros, after having gotten 54 in tradeskills and obtained the quests for an alt.
Thank you!
This is one of the best macs I have used in a while! I used the Skillup part mostly!!! Can you automate the purchasing for Minotaur Hero's Brew and run Skillup version and have toon go buy the list? At any rate this is top notch keep going on this! I would like to see shopping List be able to use with any EQ ID thats buy-able in POK. If you can do that already someone teach me!
finally working no thanks to my own fault. People and creators were great in helping me get it going. worth it.
Excellent work here. You can't get your quests and trophies any easier than this. Thank you for all the work and effort put into this macro. Gets better every day.
Brilliant time saver. Cannot recommend enough.
I recently used this macro to help with raising TS/getting trophies the 8 main skils on 2 toons for the RZ ear (I've never done TS's at all in the entire 21 years I've played off and on) over the course of a week. It was a huge help especially to a TS "newb". You may already be working on some of these but I just wanted to point out a few things that I had issues with. I understand some of these may have been user error, but if they can be made easier for others great.

The missing skills (smithing/research etc though I see you are working on those).

On a couple of the trophies, the macro would purchase the available items in PoK, then fail. Either due to not having some non-vendor items, or is some cases I have no idea why. For example the baking trophy macro purchased 90% of the vendor buyable goods then would just fail. I ended up having to make all the items manually. (was still nice to have most of the items bought already).

Those were the biggest issues I had. It has been a week or so since I'd been doing it, and with doing 14 TS to 300 + trophies to full evolve that quick I honestly can't remember the other stuff beyond that there were minor things.

Either way, thanks. Macro was a huge help and looks like it will continue to improve.
Amazing work. Thankyou!
Absolute fabulous work.