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Utility shiny.mac (EQ collection items) 2020-10-09

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The idea behind this is that you have houses with collectibles (one per expansion should be enough). Now when you make a new character you run around and just grab one of each and click it. Well yes if you want to give up in frustration with all the clicking.

My saviour* my hero* is the following macro that does all of this for you.
* debatable

Collections.ini <-- collections.mac Site:MQ2 VIP section that creates collections.ini (no I am not going to post it here)
this link was to the mac itself https://www.macroquest2.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=19360&hilit=collections.mac
You need to be a VIP on the MQ2 site to even see the forum
Here is the donate link for it https://www.macroquest2.com/main.php?p=donate
Need to run this before each /shiny get

As with all things some setup is needed.
Setup 6 houses close together:
copy shiny.ini to your Macros folder
copy shiny.mac to your Macros folder

/mac shiny
/mac shiny help

The list of commands

/mac shiny put
/mac shiny put <Expansion>

Add collections in your inventory to the vault per expansion or just add to already existing stacks in the house if no expansion is given.
e.g. /mac shiny put cotf

/mac shiny get
/mac shiny get click

Reads the Collections.ini and grabs one of each missing collection optionally also clicks it !

/mac shiny check <Expansion>
Checks that the items in the vault should be there, if not grab it
e.g. /mac shiny check tbm

/mac shiny owner
Makes you the owner of all the collection items in the vault (/stinkeye to people that grabs whole stacks and then just put it back)

/mac reward xpac
If you have Overseer Item Dispensers this enables you to collect the item from it
Overseer does not allow you to claim latest expansion collection items
NB: If the Claim button does not want to work. /endm /reload and retry

Expansion: events, rof, cotf, tds, tbm, eok, ros, tbl, sof and tov
shiny.ini <- this file contains the lists of collectibles per expansion (Post below)

Future plans:
  1. On startup create a Collections.ini section if it does not exist
  2. On collecting a collectible set the Collections.ini section item as collected
  3. Inspect the collectible items with the same name to use the ID e.g Corpse Dust
  4. Dump the vault list to a file
It sometimes ends without doing everything necessary (experiencing behavior when changing the owner). Still trying to work this out (look for Failed and rerun it)

Was originally imagined as just sorting colleciton items (as if)
Then it grew: click it, change owners, check house content
Then found oh noes the achievement list is nowhere accurate spelling/duplicate names

Forum post where I though I could just take the output from the everquest achievement window and use that, spelling on items would match the collection name. I was so wrong. So had to add the shiny.ini and had to keep editing it as new mistakes were found. History tracking was needed. so moved it here.
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Latest updates

  1. Hopeful fix

    Hopefully making the claim reward click always work.
  2. Fix

    Running out of dispensers
  3. Dispensers

    Added claiming from Overseer Item Dispensers reward.mac reward-collections.ini