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Rogue Crystal Caverns TOV Velium Run

Utility Rogue Crystal Caverns TOV Velium Run 2020-02-07

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Inspired and partially ripped from Run.mac - From Lobby to ToV Eastern Wastes by earykee
Starts in POK and takes you to Crystal Caverns TOV and will purchase 8 Snowbound Refined Velium and 8 Icebound Refined Velium then gate to bind with AA Gate, "Philter of Major Translocation" or "Throne of Heroes" to the guild lobby.
This can be run by any toon, however Safely Requires a Rogue Sneak & Hide, roughly 800k platinum, MQ2Nav, MQ2Easyfind, Gate AA, Gate Potion or Throne of Heroes.
Place in your macro folder and run /mac roguecc
Sneaks & Hide through Eastern Waste, Ry`Gorr Mines and Crystal Caverns to vendor.
This may not be a demanding macro, however I thought I would share with you what someone without much knowledge of programming can do with a little effort. Getting ideas and add to them.
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