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Red Guides Mercs- Developers Edition August 9th Dev Ed.

Download now: Join us with Level 2 access
or earn your way in with RedCents.
Other Authors
This is a Community project So Alot of people!
Software Requirements
VeryVanilla. Redguides MQ2. Not supported on Any other MQ2 Builds at this time - Though it does work On Most.
Plugins -
Server Type
Welcome to the Rebirth of A Macro, Finally Supporting all Classes Now Exclusively Supported on Redguides! -

In Our July Update - Previously IHC -

This Macro is Intended for use on Live Servers - It is a In Early release of the Coming version and will Thus Contains Bugs and issues - It is not intended exclusively for use on The Test Server.

We Have Tuned and Fixed Numerous Bugs and Issues on
Clerics and Shamans and Druids.

Added in The Chatbeg System for Shaman/Beastlord
shrinkme - Shrinks the requester
shrinkgroup - Shrinks the whole group

We have also In general Tuned each and every class Some and will be Doing more Soon. This month was more of a Fix and Tune Month Rather Than a Add Feature Month.
We Do have some Big Features Coming soon And alot more class Tuning. As we recently added a new Person who Knows it all to our team. ( No really he does!) P:)
This is The new test Release and After 2 weeks at The Start of August this Will Move to a Full Live Release once its been Bugged out.

This is a Continuation and a Rebranding to Reflect IHCs growth into a Fully Supported Redguides Community Ran and Maintained mac.

You Can Not use Rgmercs Live and Rgmercs Test Together, At this time. pick the one u want and use the launcher App. to Auto Install.
First release
Last update
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