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Utility Multidrag.mac 1.01

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Tired of trying to pull your wiped 18+ teams to safety for a little bit of rezzing?
Dislike using the /corpsedrag on your box team?

then worry not!

Multidrag to the rescue.
Rich (BB code):
│ MultiDrag.mac v1.0 - kaen01 03/16/2018 │
│ Start it, then go do your corpse run.     │
│ Once it get within range of pc corpse     │
│ it will try and summon it.             │
│                                         │
│ Upcoming plans:                         │
│                                         │
│ *Ignore corpses that you havent rights │
│  to summon, after first attempt.         │
│                                         │
│ *Only Summon groupmebers/raidmember     │
│                                         │
│ NB: dont move too fast around corners. │

Sub Main
    /declare Corpses        int        outer    0
    /declare CorpseSearch    string    outer    pccorpse radius 90
    /declare CurCorpse        string    outer    NULL
    /declare i                int        outer    0

    /echo [Multi Drag Corpse]
    /while (1) {
        /varset Corpses ${SpawnCount[${CorpseSearch}]}
        /if (${Corpses}) {
            /for i 1 to ${Corpses}
                /varset CurCorpse ${NearestSpawn[${i},${CorpseSearch}]}
                /SetChatTitle ***/corpse ${CurCorpse}***
                /target ${CurCorpse}
                /delay 5 ${Target.ID} == ${NearestSpawn[${i},${CorpseSearch}].ID}
                /delay 2
            /next i
        } else {
            /delay 5

        /echo [Done dragging corpses}
        /SetChatTitle [MQ2]
use it as you see fit.

the /delay 2, after /corpse is there so it looks more natural, no delay was like madness, and delay 1 was spammy, but /delay 2 seemed about the same as you could get out of a social,
so thats what we settled on.
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Live, Test Server
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  1. Fixed Error in search paramters

    fixed small error in search paramters pc corpse, where it should have been pccorpse