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Utility MQ2EQWire 2020-09-22

One of the best plugins ever
If you're boxing and don't use this, you're doing yourself a huge disservice. An incredible plugin, that gives huge performance gains with absolutely no set up or effort.
Had this for 15 minutes, and its unreal how much smother my game play is!!! Extremely easy to setup. Better than any other FPS limiter I've ever used.
I've tried everything over the years to have 8-12 windows open on my old, crappy laptop. This is truly - truly - TRULY - a game changer!
I was a little skeptical buying this since I have a pretty strong PC to begin with but I figured less stress on my CPU is always a good thing. Just by simply loading the plugin the drop in resources was insane! Highly recommended plugin.
My hardware is sufficent to run 4 accounts smooth, adding the 5th account, all 5 boxes start to lag. Now, using MQ2EQWire I can run the full group of 6 accounts without any sign of lag. Does nicely what I hoped. Gread Plugin.
I downloaded this when my 12 box crew started lagging. I use Isboxer's "click though FX windows" which require the background to run at 30fps which I was able to do with this program (very versatile) and it really helped cut my CPU usage. If you are not needing your background windows to run at 30fps you would get even more benefit from this program. I could no longer 12 box without this program unless I bought a new computer.
Hella 5Star Review - I recommend this plugin to everyone
Work as advertised, no loss in performance. Probably will make your money back in a week from electric bill savings.
Amazing, definitely worth the buy
Totally delivers... taking one star off because ... EQMule doesn't need it. :)
Just a superb plugin to ease the GPU/CPU load on boxing and increase responsiveness in the background
Why did i take so long to find this? Amazing difference
Top notch. This is definitely worth the cost.
Very good for your system
Works exactly as advertised. Cut my CPU and GPU utilization a substantial amount. I'm using it with ISBoxer and I actually adjusted my FPS limits higher for both fore and background in that CPU strategy wizard. Then using this I've set my background to 2 fps so I can still get an idea what those characters are doing on my 2nd monitor. With 6 chars running before I'd be close to 100% CPU on my 6-core FX-6300. Now I'm running about 50% with all 6 instances running Kiss 11.008 and I'm actively pulling mobs. There is one thing to get used to, when running in the background all you see is the base picture without any text boxes. It's more like watching a movie in full screen mode.
I love this plugin
Great plugin for maxing out what your system can do. I had an older "all-in-one" computer that used built in graphics with no upgrade option. Even on minimum settings & stickfigures, the graphics restricted me to 2 characters loaded max. MQ2eqwire jumped it up to 6 toons running with no issues.
Simply Amazing, Thank you