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Language macro

Trade / Skill Language macro 1.0

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🏢 Live Test
It's probably been done here before, but here is a simple but handy little language macro I wrote which is especially useful on FV as there is no common tongue.

Using it is simple - just run it from your main group chat window on a toon who already has at least 1 point trained in every language, and in 2-3 minutes, everyone in the group will be maxed in all 25 languages.
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Latest reviews

Just started this one, just with my Merc in the group, and 1-2 min later all language skills at 100.

Awsome work
Haha, Amazing to watch this macro work.
This is good stuff right here. One of my favorite servers is the FV server. And needing to sit there and mash keys to train languages was taking forever. I mean hours and hours. With this macro, it's sooooo fast. It's actually a fascinating thing to watch the skills just shoot up in the languages. Now when I roll new characters on that server, I no longer dread needing to learn the languages! Thank you so much for this!
Awesome stuff! Literally got 100 in all the languages in under 30 seconds
working great ! thank you
Thank you, this worked great!
Easy macro, nice job. Thanks !!!
awesome time saver, thanks
Perfect, 0-100 in 3 mins, Right click on Chat click always chat here, and go.