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Unmaintained KissTemplate.mac 2.0.1

By popular request

<>this macro is now copying conditions. It will get the conditions from your Conditions file if ConditionsOn=1 or it will get them from the INI itself if ConditionsOn=2
<>It will always set ConditionsOn=2 if conditions are used so that it only makes one file.

<>Added the copying of the KissAssistVer= portion of the general section so that when a user shares a file it shows the version as well.
<>Shadow Knights have two words in their names. Filenames shouldn't have spaces and therefore I have switched to using Class.ShortName so "Shadow Knight" becomes SHD, as does ever class now use their 3 letter short name.

More testing needed from the KA11 users to verify that everything is working correctly moving forward, testing was done using 10.2.6