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Unmaintained KissTemplate.mac 2.0.1

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Now in plugin format at https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/mq2kisstemplate.328/ plugin now converts to KA11 conditions for you.

Wrote this macro as a way to quickly copy the important bits of a KissAssist.mac INI to a new file for sharing.

It collects what I believe to be the important parts of an INI and writes them to a new file in the format of KissAssist_Level_Class.ini

So if you're on your super tanky 110 warrior with his ultra aggro/dps setup and you type /mac KissTemplate then this will copy your current INI to KissAssist_110_WAR.ini for you to share without having to open your existing INI and copy and paste to a new file and then save as so that you can share your INI.

If a section is set to on, IE: BuffsOn=1 then it will copy the section, otherwise it will skip copying the section. I believe I've sorted through class specific sections and filtered them appropriately according to KA Ini's format via reading the LoadINI sub and placing like restraints on writing those sections or keys.

This only collects
some parts of General for the bard
buffs section for all characters
Small parts of melee for berserker and bard
AE section for all classes
DPS section for all classes
Aggro section for all classes
It does not collect any information for pulling.
Heal section for all classes, with autorez only for clr, nec, shm, dru, pal
Cures for all classes
pet for pet classees with pettoys for mages only.
Mez section for brd, enc, and nec, with MezAE for only Brd and Nec
Burn section for all classes.
GoM for all classes except Brd, Ber, Mnk, Rog, and War.

Reports that it is complete when finished.

As of Ver 2.0.1 it now includes conditions.
Conditions will be copied ONLY if ConditionsOn=1 or 2 as that's what decides what file to read to get the conditions.
In the event conditions are used it will copy the conditions into the single template file, and set ConditionsOn=2 so that anyone who uses the file also uses the file for the conditions without the need to maintain two files.

This is the result of a discussion about creating a template on what should be included in a KA INI for other users when sharing. Please use the discussion section of this resource to make comments on what you feel is missing from, or not needed in this macro.
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