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EQBCS.exe (EverQuest Box Chat Server)

EQBCS.exe (EverQuest Box Chat Server) 2019-02-05

Other Authors
Omnictrl, eqmule, DKAA, s0rcier, ieatacid, Maskoi
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server

2019 ESA Winner
EQ Box Chat allows you to issue commands to any or all of your characters from your main window, making multi-boxing much easier.

It consists of two parts:
1) The server. You are here :)
2) The client. Find that here, which includes commands to run in-game.

To start the server, right-click your MQ2 icon and select "Start EQBC Server"


Then click "Standalone"


You should get a black command prompt. That means you're ready to begin accepting character connections.

For a guide on setting everything up, see here:

Visual Interface
After everything is started, go to your folder and run Release/Utilities/eqbci/eqbci.exe for a nice graphical interface of your group's health & mana.

Run as a Service

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Latest updates

  1. SBD

    added silent commands Maskoi requested (/bcsa, /bcsaa, /bcsg, /bcsga, /bcst).
  2. fixes!

    Updated copy of clients.cpp that includes the escaped character fix... Changed bound checking on...