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Combat Assist Core 20181230

This resource could use some basic instructions/commands. Editing is open to all Level 2 users, please contribute if you use Core.

The basic design is a modular concept to deal with classes as individuals yet still pulling all the shared functions from one spot.

Since Core's inception, it has been used for single class play to 30+ boxed raids. Extensive controls for zones, healing, burning, debuffing, tanking, loot management, and lots more. (sounds like a bad meds commercial.) there is also an in-depth HUD that will tell you exactly how you can expect the class/macro to react.

There are no Active hacks in this script. It complies with requests set forth by the MacroQuest2 Authors/Mods.


P.S. Core is currently in a beta state as I rewrite it to be SQLite/DanNet back ended. If you have questions or concerns with the current INI release, feel free to ask in the Discord channel. I'm happy to answer any questions, but all current development is focused on the new design.
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