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Brewing 300 Macro

Trade / Skill Brewing 300 Macro 2021-07-11

Download now:  Join us with Level 2 access or earn your way in with  RedCents.
Server Type
Starts out in Plane of Knowledge, runs to Oceangreen Hills and Oceangreen Village to grab ground spawns. Purchases supplies in POK and combines. Goes back for more supplies if you run out. Takes about 24 hours (due to ground spawn times 1 hour and 15 minutes) to finish and uses around 10k plat. Each file is modified and all supporting author remains inside. If you get a lag spike or combine error, you will need to restart the macro.
Place the mac files in your macros folder and the TS_brewing.ini in the macros\tradeskill folder. (you may need to create the folder called tradeskill inside of your macros folder)
/mac brew brewing or /mac brewbuy to start in Plane of Knowledge

Recommended Level is 100+ to be able to fight off the mobs while collecting spawns (level 85 Zones)
Have at least 50 slots empty in your inventory and at least 10k plat on you.

Updated: To include the use of Tradeskill Trophy

Uses: MQ2Nav, MQ2EasyFind, MQ2Melee

Any feedback or suggestions welcome. Happy Brewing.

If you have issues with grabbing items from your inventory try placing a container in all of your main inventory slots.

This has been set up to run with MQNext. If you want to run with MQ2 you need to over write the collect.mac file with an older version or the one I posted in the discussion thread.
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Well Done!
Awesome work. Only thing that happened was getting stuck at the brewing spot but happened only once. Cheers!
FANTASTIC! simple, efficient do what it is supposed to do.
Works great, highly recommended, thank you!