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Utility BankSort.mac 2020-11-04

Server Type
Live, TLP, Test Server
Will sort your bank.


/mac sortbank BagStart BagEnd SortType Restack

SortTypes are

n - Name
t - Type
w - WornSlot1
v - Value
r - Restack only

/mac sortbank 3 7 n r
will sort bank bags 3 through 7 by name after restacking them.

/mac sortbank 1 10 r

Will only restack bank bags 1 though 10

/mac sortbank 1 24 t

Will sort bank bags 1 through 24 by type
First release
Last update
4.40 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest reviews

The description should mention that bags need to be open for this to function. when I finally figured that out, it moved the items around in no discernable order. tried running it various times and same result. everything is just mixed up worse now. Great idea and there is definitely a need for this., but either it still needs work, or much better instructions.
Not all hero's wear capes.. Thank you for this amazing tool Mr. Kaen
Thank you, this is amazing.
This macro is fricking amazing, saved me hours of messing around!