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Alcohol Macro

Trade / Skill Alcohol Macro 2021-06-30

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Other Authors
Bror Maskoi Wirlin
Server Type
Live, Test Server
This is an update of the alctol.mac by Bror

Run /mac alcohol from any zone that has a brandy vendor using MQ2Nav. Will purchase 100 brandy and drink til max skill achieved. Zones available Abysmal Sea, Ak'Anon, Commonlands, Crescent Reach, Crystal Caverns, East Cabilis, East Freeport, Erudin, Firiona Vie, Gukta, Halas, High Keep, Highpass Hold, Kelethin, Kerra Isle, Neriak 3rd Gate, Neriak Commons, Neriak Foreign Quarter, North Karana, North Qeynos, Northern Desert of Ro, Oggok, Paineel, Plane of Knowledge, Rivervale, Runnyeye Citadel, Sanctus Seru, Shadow Haven, Shard's Landing, Skyshrine, South Kaldim, South Qeynos, Southern Desert of Ro, Thurgadin, Timorous Deep, West Freeport.

Have enough plat to buy Brandy
Empty Slot for Brandy
First release
Last update
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