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Recent content by unoplank

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    Contest May '20 Contest: What's your 6-box crew for the original Norrath?

    Wood Elf Druid High Elf Enchanter Gnome Cleric Troll Shadow Knight Half Elf Bard Wood Elf Rogue (for easier CR!)
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    Contest April Contest: 21 Years of Everquest, Whats your favourite memory?

    My favorite memory is when I first logged into the game on my friend's computer and running around for hours lost as a wood elf in Kelethin. I finally found my way to the bandit camp and was getting ready to charge the weakest bandit when a random player comes by and asks if I would like the...
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    Question - VPN/remote access on a machine running EQ?

    I have recently had newer accounts banned for simply logging into EQ on a virtual machine, without running any other programs. So I only use a physical computer and connect via chrome remote desktop if needed.