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Recent content by SA_krycek

  1. SA_krycek

    Discussion - Pick zones

    Sounds like an eq bug, could be isolated to that mob type. With their spot on QA program, they may not even know about it.
  2. SA_krycek

    Question - Having 2 macros for one toon

    Are you using ReturnToCamp=1? It sounds like that's what he's doing, trying to get back to camp.
  3. SA_krycek

    Strategy - TBL Fight Fire mission

    I like to take them all down to 10% before killing any of them.
  4. SA_krycek

    Question - Question on setup

    Yes, it is a never ending run of constant tweaks and adjustments and figuring out how to complete new content. It completely changes how you play the game.
  5. SA_krycek

    Question - Kissassist perma pet name problem

    You need to be restarting ka when you get to the zone you're going to hunt in, not outside the instance.
  6. SA_krycek

    News - Servers are back up early

    Servers up early? Where are my EQ devs and what have you done with them?
  7. SA_krycek

    Discussion - Restless Ice Cure

    Bard's Aria of Absolution is also a 1 cast cure
  8. SA_krycek

    Patch - Test Patch 2/5/2020 - Patch Notes and Discussions

    Are these changes going to live with today's patch?
  9. SA_krycek

    Discussion - What’s the worst zone in eq??

    I'm going to take an unpopular opinion here and say the the worst zone in the history of EQ is the Plane of Knowledge. It fundamentally changed how one navigates the game world. It changed it from an immersive world experience to something more like a lobby chatroom where you simply teleport to...
  10. SA_krycek

    Question - Progression to pump up my warrior

    Just an FYI, but proper Hero missions *never* scale. I say proper, because they experimented with TBM missions (which are, in fact, different systems than Heroic Adventures). TBM was a one-off that they didn't repeat. So you have Hero missions, which are set in level, Heroic Adventures which...
  11. SA_krycek

    Question - Progression to pump up my warrior

    These start with CotF expansion. You'll want to do all Partisan and Mercenary tasks as well as Hero missions and the accompanying Conquest and Savior achievements.
  12. SA_krycek

    Question - Membership questions

    It depends on the particular resource. Some things are one-and-done, some are a time-limited license. You'll have to read the details for the plugin/macro you're thinking of purchasing. If you end your RG L2 subscription, you will not be able to updated MQ2 for the next version of the EQ .exe...
  13. SA_krycek

    Question - Crystalized Velium Ore

    Kael favors a group makeup with strong tanking and healing whereas most boxers build their groups around DPS. I've been doing Kael daily with a friend of mine who plays a paladin along with me 5 boxing, which includes 2 healers. We make the mission look stupid easy.
  14. SA_krycek

    Problem - EQ/MQ2 times messed up?

    Looks like test just patched today, so you'll need to wait until EQMule updates MQ2 for the new executable.
  15. SA_krycek

    Problem - EQ/MQ2 times messed up?

    This is what it does when the version of MQ2 does not match the version of EQ for which it was compiled. You need to update MQ2, simple as that. This will happen every time DGC patches EQ because they break the compatibility with MQ2.