So I decided to come back because EoK looks really cool (and it seems fun so far), but I don't want to do a whole big group of people this time around. I'm mainly going to play my Necro and I'm thinking that I want to set up a couple of boxes to easymode exp with. Yes I realize I can solo exp with Necro pretty easily, but I just want something I can catch up on AA's without thinking about it too much, maybe something that can easily handle group named in EoK.

My first instinct is to do Chanter + something, but I'm not quite sure what that something should be. Mage? Cleric? Druid? Tank? Maybe ditch the Chanter and use a Bard for CC instead? What's the current meta? I'd of course be filling out the rest of the group with mercs as the situation demanded, probably 2 wiz and a cleric for normal operations. I have most classes available to me that are at least 100+ (except pally for some reason), so any options are permissible.