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Thread: MQ2Nav Beta by Brainiac and Donation Kick Starter.

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    MQ2Nav Beta by Brainiac and Donation Kick Starter.

    Brainiac Welcomes All of us to 2016 with the MQ2Nav Beta.

    MQ2Nav is a complete rewrite from the ground up of MQ2Navigation.
    It is built on all of the newest releases software that made up the core of the old MQ2Navigation.

    Name:  mq2nav-mesh.jpg
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    NEW! MeshGenerator replaces the EQNavigation tool. Generate a MESH of ANY ZONE in the game 5 times faster.
    New tools like bounding box

    Name:  meshgen.jpg
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    No more crashing every time you zone
    See the mesh in game
    New Mesh Generator generates any zone

    Please Donate to Help Finish MQ2Nav

    Donate here

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    Current Amount raised $770
    Redguides $250 + Members $520

    Brainiac has been working on MQ2Nav for almost 6 months. This plugin is that complicated and Brainiac is a professional programmer. He is releasing the beta to us so he can move on to other projects that he is interested in. So to keep his interest and hope he will give us all a finished product we are creating the MQ2Nav Donation Kickstarter

    Brainiac is one of the best MQ2 programmers that has every contributed to MQ2. He is very low key and behind the scenes. Recently he has started releasing some of his plugins to the public. When we heard about his MQ2Nav rewrite it was hard to contain our excitement. Redguides has been trying to find someone to Fix/update MQ2Nav for years but no one could do it. Brainiac did it.

    This was a side project for him he has been working on for over 6 months. When we started talking to him he was losing interest in the project. He has agreed to release it in beta here at Redguides, once again the largest MQ2 community, so he could get feedback. We offered to start a donation funding campaign to help him with all his hard work.

    For the first $500 Redguides will match every donation given

    The ultimate goal is $1500

    Please leave a note in paypal that your donating for MQ2nav
    Please post you have donated with the amount.

    PM me the amount if you don't want to post it.

    Pledge $25 or more
    We will design a custom avatar for you.

    Pledge $50 or more
    You will recieve a NEW! 2016 RedGuides 18"x24" poster calendar

    Pledge $75 or more
    You will get a free one month subscription to Redguides

    Pledge $100 or more
    You will receive our NEW! RedGuides Coffee Mug

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